Chlorine Dioxide Swimming Pool Treatment Program

For indoor heated pools with combined chlorine/chloramine problems.

Improve water clarity, quality and bather comfort.

Poolkare Chemicals have been the Australian agents for the Wapotec – HydroSan / HydroXan System for over 15 years. The Wapotec System forms chlorine dioxide safely for use in commercial and indoor domestic swimming pools.
The Wapotec System was developed to up-grade existing pool installations for public and domestic use. It is designed to improve flocculation, filtration and enhance oxidation. The Wapotec System reduces the undesirable by-products of chlorination formed by the reaction of organic matter from bathers with the free chlorine residual in the pool water.

How does it work?

When HydroXan is mixed together with sodium hypochlorite - chlorine dioxide is formed. No gas, no mixing of chemicals in a tank, no safety issues mixing chemicals. The result has been proven to improve water clarity significantly and bather comfort. No more stinging eyes.

Also available from the Wapotec range is:-

Wapotec Multisorp Filter – Special filter and filter media to help capture organic materials – improves filtration performance.
Dosing Pumps - Specially metered dosing pumps for HydroSan and HydroXan.
If your indoor pool has a chloramine problem – than the Wapotec System could be for you.
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