Established in 1975 by William Bliss, our company is wholly Australian owned and operated by the family.

Our early years were spent on maintenance of pools including water testing with some manufacturing of chemicals. Over the years the company has developed filtration equipment and a wide range of specialty pool and spa chemicals, including our famous Bingo B and Tiger A for heated swimming pools and spas.

We are committed to producing quality specialty chemicals, equipment and services for the care and treatment of pools and spas. Our Poolkare brand of chemicals are made on site - we have complete control over the quality of our products.

There are many companies that manufacture individual items such as pumps, filters and control systems. Wobelea Pty Ltd is the only company to effectively combine these skills and produce quality filtration equipment and chemicals for Australian conditions.

Our company now covers all aspects of water treatment from commercial swimming pool dosing, looking after fountains and balancing swimming pools for horses and dogs. We not only look after the human bather comfort but that of our four legged friends also!!

Our future focus is to produce chemicals and processes which will aid the reduction of water wastage and energy consumption.

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